Will PUBG MOBILE ever come back ?

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So friends, what do you think about whether PUBG will come back or not? Today I am going to clear all your queries. FRIENDS PUBG MOBILE is a very big game and it was designed by Tencent. That is, Krafton was created, but the game which isPUBG MOBILE is a game created by the developers of China, ie Tencent company, because of this it has become a campaign in India and has become a sister in many countries as well, so this game Is it possible to come back or not, I will clear all your dout today, let’s move on to the friends article

Why did Pubg mobile finally become a sister
You, as you would know, our fight with friends China is still going on, because of that the main region is that PUBG MOBILE is the reason why the Penned Colors Chinese app is getting banned in India because it steals our data, that’s why the friends Indian government has It was decided that all the Chinese apps in India should be stopped because if there is an attack or something, then the Chinese developers will have all our information, so the Indian government has taken this step, it is only for our good to think that You have kept the money in your bank and logged into a Chinese app and after half an hour, see that all the money has gone away, then you will be messaging whom you will be messing with, so these steps have been taken to support them. So that all of you can be safe and these people can do anything about your information, so this game is PUBG MOBILE which is the main reason, so I don’t think PUBG MOBILE will ever come back.

Will PUBG MOBILE come back?
Friends, do you think that PUBG MOBILE will come back to friends, if my opinion is known, then PUBG MOBILE will never come back because there may be some chances of a Pan paned thing not coming back soon but 90% that will not come. And the rest of the 10% is probably due to the PUBG MOBILE Indian supporter because no one is in the game with all the parents and mothers who wanted to wear this game, so friends playing this game. Your mind will not support you at all, if you do not believe, then I can tell you some of the content of PUBG MOBILE, how much you have been affected by PUBG MOBILE.
So friends, to know the first effect, you have to pay attention that if you ever pick up the phone while playing PUBG MOBILE, then what will be your reaction, the person who is a PUBG player will become red yellow with anger. Friends, you are losing control over yourself because of PUBG MOBILE, this is the main reason, as you would know, just recently there was a news in Philaal. A boy killed his mother and sister with a pan. This was the people. He was not letting him play PUBG MOBILE. Think Friends killed his mother and sister because of a game, then you can understand how much this game dominates your mind, so leave this game and do some of your business and studies. Pay attention to

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