Android game which is good, which is the top 10 rules.

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So friends, today’s topic is Android game which is good, which is the top 10 rules.
So friends, all of you will know that the name of PubG Mobile is very big, then PubG Mobile ring on the top phone because it is a battle royal game and I will give you many missions and many good things forward. Goes and you all know every update in Pabg comes after 2 or 3 months and the Royal Pass has a weight and the Royal Pass brings a whole new set of things. Every Royal Pass has different outfits like Legendary Outfit Girls. Many things that enjoy playing games are why Pabg ranks top one in the world, and Pang is currently banned in India because it is banned by the Indian government and is available in the global and people are still playing it. News is also coming because after a big game like Pabg, she has been in a lot of losses and she wants it and will soon come back to India with permission from the Indian government and many people are still waiting
And the name of the other game is Free Fire is also a big name because Shripal has come out in a good game in 500MB and it has also come in Top Two and also its downloaders are good in PlayStore right now. It is also available. It is not hated by the Play Store, now we do not know the reason for it, because it is probably being said to be made in America.

And it comes with a lot of updates like Royal Pass also updates and Plenty Outfits and many other things and makes this game the best game and its graphics are very good and high, it is also fun to play. And if you are playing it, then it is very good and if you are not playing, then go download and download it from the play store or app market and it is an online game.

And number three comes to our pubg Mobile Light
Like Pabg has a very big name and Pabg Lite has also got a big name due to the same. Pabg Lite is also a good game because there are few customer floors in Pabg and that too after getting a very good update. It has also been made on 1GB Playstore but it is in 500 MB but after downloading it becomes 1GB and this game does not take much load because it runs on a small phone with 2GB of RAM quite well. Goes and this is the best game for those who cannot play PUBG, and there are a lot of good things in it as well and in it also updates of Royal Passes, missions come and graphics are available to see in the eyes in good phones.
And to download this game you also have to go to the Play Store episodes and you can also get it from the APK Pure or a market on your phone, you can get it in 500 MB and this game is well above the Play Store. Downloader on

So friends, how does the game come on the phone number, you have heard about what will be feeding, its name is Clash of Clans and it is not a small name in the world of Giving and it is a very good game, but White and Ashok Pick tomorrow It is a great game to pass time and you get a lot of good taxes in it and you get a lot of good time out of it and in playing it, we are making this house of our own and enjoy playing in it. Comes and you can play it online with your friends too, you can make a plan and join all your people in it and you can become its leader and you can make all those you want

In this, a Royal Pass comes in 28 days which is ₹ 400 and you get a Gold Stone and you get a lot of stones to see it and you can earn a lot of money from the store, not the real money game. I have money in that money and you can pass a good amount of time in it and also the town halls are seen as if the town has come from 1 to 13 and you all know it takes a lot of time to make a delivery and It is a lot of fun too because we do not enjoy anything and we do not do that thing.

So friends, as you would know, there is an army as well, like when you make your army, what do you get in the army, you bring you to the Barbie range and they get the balance and the joint and the witch gets Raka and the dragon. And the tractors get to see big trucks like Dragon and Golam and they have very good trucks and some more.

And there are 5 names in it, the biggest King Queen and Grand model, and another new troupe has been named, there is some good group that has a sword and a spear, a good and a shield like Captain America, that group is quite that’s good
So friends, because this post will be so much bigger and you will not be able to do more on the big post, then in the next post you will be told about those who are left in the 6

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