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Recently on Instagram, more and more attention is paid to stories (short posts that are kept in the profile for 24 hours). In some profiles, the owners care about them even more than the main posts. And since there is really serious competition on Instagram, stories should stand out and be memorable.

In order to create an interesting image, it needs to be processed with high quality. For this, it is not necessary to use powerful graphic editors on your computer. The usual applications that can be installed on Android or Apple smartphones are enough. In this review, we’ll take a look at ten of the best programs that you can use to create top stories for your Instagram.


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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

This is a popular app that comes with ready-made story templates. You can work with several images at once: the function of albums is very conveniently implemented in Unfold.

It is also possible in the application: 

  • create picture frames;
  • add text (there are various fonts);
  • choose a color scheme for decoration (in order to create a pool of images in the same style);
  • preview the result and “try on” it on your Instagram;
  • if you do not arrange something at the verification stage, you can return to editing again.

The app can be downloaded from official stores for iOS and Android devices.


  • Lots of templates;
  • Fine-tuning labels;
  • Working with filters, stickers, and backgrounds;
  • Support for instant messengers and social networks.

2.Spark Post

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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

In this program, you can find ready-made templates for stories created by Adobe (she is also the developer of the graphics editor Photoshop). The application has a fairly simple interface – even a beginner can figure it out. 

The following tools are available to create stories in Spark Post:

  • free stock photos;
  • adding text to images (different fonts);
  • filters that help to beautifully adjust color correction;
  • effects divided into thematic categories;
  • the ability to change the size of the photo.

After the image is edited, you can either save it to your device in the internal library or immediately send it to Instagram. 

You can download the program for both Apple and Android smartphones.


  • Adding animation to videos;
  • Unique filters;
  • Automatic color correction;
  • Easy background removal.



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App Source: onIOS

This application helps you bring ideas to life with slideshows – you can use it to create animations consisting of multiple shots. The main advantage of the program is that it is universal – it is suitable both for beginners who are just trying to make a beautiful Instagram profile and for experienced marketers who professionally work with visual tools. 

In Animoto, you can work with ready-made templates that are sorted by subject (for example – “Product presentation”, “Fashion” and others). Most of them are designed to create compelling Stories ads. 

When the slideshow is ready, background music is added to it (there is a large built-in collection). Stories are saved on the smartphone in video format. 

Animoto is available for Android and iOS devices.


  • Lots of templates;
  • Easily create collages;
  • Working with color;
  • Simple logo addition;
  • Adding audio.


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App Source: onAndroid

This application is somewhat more complex than the other editors that we present in this collection. But the story has a much wider set of functions. It includes:

  • changing the video speed;
  • cutting the video into separate fragments;
  • the ability to add sound and long music tracks;
  • adding animated elements;
  • frames for images (you can change the color);
  • a set of filters and effects for editing photos.

Basic design in StoryArt can be done for free. But in order to use most of the tools and templates, you will need to buy the premium version. The subscription is purchased for one month or immediately for a whole year.

A StoryArt App is available for Android devices only.


  • Professional photo and video editor;
  • Lots of filters and templates;
  • Easily create unique covers and logos;
  • Create beautiful lettering.



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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

The Canvas service is available both as a browser version (it is more convenient to use it on a computer) and as a mobile application. It has a large number of image editing tools. 

Canvas is great for creating advertising or informational images. In it, you can make an announcement, invitation, flyers, collages, and more. The application is also suitable for those who create templates for printing products (calendars, brochures, banners, branded notebooks, etc.). 

It is the large set of editing tools that makes Canvas a good choice for creating stories. You can either make them from scratch or use ready-made templates. 

Canvas mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. 


  • Built-in video and audio editor;
  • Easy background removal;
  • Built-in animation;
  • Easily create logos, watermarks, etc.


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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

This editor was created specifically to work with files for Instagram. It allows you to create cool stories with music, animation, text inserts, and visual effects. Files are saved as. 

If you’ve been working on a story and suddenly had to close the app, don’t worry. It saved your result and when you reopen it, it will offer to continue exactly where you left off. 

The program is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.


  • Create slideshow;
  • It Will help you create collages;
  • Allows you to share the result on social networks;
  • Support for high-quality video files.


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App Store: onIOS

This program is specially designed to create spectacular Instagram Stories. It offers a wide variety of functions:

  • collage creation;
  • cropping photos and working with individual fragments;
  • dividing the video into several parts (each can be edited separately);
  • music overlay (own media library is used);
  • effects for video (for example – zoom, rotations, or smooth frame sliding).

The developers of the application assumed that it would be mainly used for business accounts. Therefore, ready-made templates and various tools in Story are focused on creating photo and video presentations of goods and services. There is even a dedicated tool for adding quick links. 

The app is only available for Apple devices.


  • Lots of templates (500+);
  • Ease of use;
  • Advanced color settings;
  • Rotating and flipping images.



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