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Today, photographs are required for almost any site on the Internet. Even official resources strive to improve their own image and user loyalty through illustrations. A striking example for this is the State Service website, which includes interesting pictures and interactive elements that facilitate orientation for people of all ages. 

For private sites, illustrations are imperative in order for users to enjoy staying on them. Well, in order to fill the pages with legal and high-quality images, you need a high-quality hosting. On such resources, files with pictures are stored for a certain (or indefinite) amount of time, and the site administrator can host their web codes. 

And if about 10 years ago, image hosting was firmly associated only with Radical, now there are many decent resources that you can use without fear. 

1. Post Image

Official Site :

This hosting is one of the simplest, even a beginner can easily figure it out. In order to get the image code, you need to load it through the file window and select the storage period. The picture can be hosted for one day, a week or all the time. 

This resource is best for making bb codes used in forums. For the convenience of users, you can upload files at once in a batch so that you do not have to process each image separately. 

Pros Cons
Easy to Use
Fits the Image to the Desired Size
Web Browser Plugins and Windows app
The Site is Available in Many Languages


Official Site : is an open-source image hosting site, it is totally free to use. You can create free accounts on This Image Hosting Site provides Unlimited Storage Service for hosting your Images. It Supports a 32MB max upload size.

This is Free Service so that there were few ads from which admin generate revenue. There are lots of features that are provided on this website. You can upload images directly without having an account, also can upload expiry and nonexpiry uploads without having an account. You can generate Embed code, direct links of images. it is very handy to use and popular all over the world.

Pros Cons
Unlimited Storage 32 Mb Max Upload Size
Direct Links
Free Accounts
can create separate albums

3.Free Image Hosting

Image Source

Official Site :

This free hosting is similar to Imgur but lacks handy hyperlinks or a super stylish interface. However, it’s a great resource for quickly uploading photos and getting direct links to them. You can also work with animation (the main thing is that the file does not exceed 3000 Kb). 

The main disadvantage of this service is a large amount of advertising. But if you are used to (hello, Radical!) And do not worry about annoying banners, then you can use this hosting quite successfully. And besides, the problem on the computer can be solved with the help of AdBlock (an ad blocker that made life easier for many users). 

Pros Cons
Simple Image Loading The size of upload image must not exceed 64 MB
Other Language Resource
Getting a direct link to a images

4.Image Venue

Official Site :

It is a very simple service targeted at social media users and those who post ads on online message boards. Only jpeg files are suitable for ImageVenue, and only those whose weight does not exceed 3 MB. If desired, you can edit the size of the image when loading (the quality and aspect ratio will be preserved). 

Pros Cons
Free Service
Posting the finished result on the website or social network
A simply yet useful resource


Official Site :

Photo hosting Imgur is loved all over the world. He is especially highly revered among users of the international forum Reddit. It has Really Very Cool Dashboard. You have to create a free account in order to host your images.

This hosting is convenient to use in order to share your files. During processing, the service simply gives out a unique address, upon switching to which the user will see an image or animation. 

Pros Cons
Support for photos, videos, and animations English Language Resource only
Easy Content Loading
Opportunity to get acquainted with the content of other users

6.Google Photos

Official Site :

Photo hosting from Google is considered one of the most useful services as it offers users automatic data backup function. A single Google account is used for work: you don’t have to worry that important files will be lost somewhere.

Advantages of this photo hosting website :

  • it automatically saves all files to the cloud, and users can access them from other devices;
  • there is a free application for smartphones and tablets;
  • the built-in editor is available;
  • you can download a large number of materials at the same time;
  • photos are saved in high quality (no size limit);
  • the service also processes video and GIF files (animations).

Google hosting can also create your own image library. They are grouped according to various criteria and will be available even to those who are not registered with Google Photos. The service has a built-in smart mode: over time, it will remember how the user sorts his files, and will do it automatically.

Pros Cons
Multilingual Resources
There are application on Google Play and AppStore
Access to your media library from anywhere in the world
Free storage of Photos and Videos


Official Site :

Flickr is one of the oldest and most popular hosting sites used by Internet activists in 2007-2010. You can store pictures on it for free, as well as edit them and sort them by album.

Different privacy modes are available for all files uploaded to Flickr. You can open the photo view for everyone, or you can select the audience separately or allow only those who have a direct link to view the images. 

Despite the fact that this service is one of the oldest on the Internet, it has perfectly adapted to modern trends. A very convenient and fast application is available for users, which retains the same functions as the site. It is also possible to back up your files from different sources. 

The maximum storage capacity for one user is 1000 GB.

Pros Cons
Easily upload photos from any device
Easy to share uploaded photos
Help in organizing a media library


Official Site :

This hosting is aimed at photographers who work with high-quality images. It is not quite similar to the services we looked at above, because 500px does not provide links to images. You need it in order to publish your photos and share them within the community. 

That is, 500px is a thematic social network for photographers. You can present your work to colleagues, get an assessment and ask for advice. In addition, on this hosting, you can get a license for your pictures and sell them at a decent price. Those who have joined the premium club have the opportunity to limit comments to their portfolio (after all, not everyone is interested in the opinion of other people about their work). 

500px is designed specifically for professional photographers, so it has no file size limit. Even the heaviest image can be uploaded to your profile, as long as it is in jpeg format. However, the service has another limitation – on the number of uploaded images. 

Regular users can upload to their account no more than 20 photos per week. But if you buy a premium account (it costs $ 25 per year), then this limitation will no longer exist, and, moreover, additional opportunities will open up for interacting with the service. 

Pros Cons
Helps to become real professionals
Contains many materials for business developments
Provides usage statics
App in the Google Play and App Store


Official Site :

A free service for storing any files (not just photos) – well-known Dropbox. It works with a large number of formats, so the user can store not only photos or animations on it but also videos, music, or even software. You can share with other people a link to download a single file or even an entire folder (for example, an album with a set of photos or a playlist). 

For those who work from a phone or tablet, there is a convenient mobile application. From it you can fully manage your storage: upload and delete files, share with other users, and create folders.

True, the storage has volume. The free plan assumes that the user can save no more than 2 GB of data in his account. To increase this space, you will need to pay for access or invite a certain number of people (Dropbox has a referral system).

Pros Cons
Cloud Storage Paid Advanced functionality
Display only the tools you need
App in the Google Play Store and App Store
Multiple Language Interface

10.Image Shack

Official Site :

This hosting resembles Pinterest and, like it, is not free. But on the other hand, you can always find high-quality images on it. New users can use ImageShack for free during the trial period (which lasts 30 days), after which access to the account must be paid. 

Hosting features include:

  • Loading Heavy, high quality pictures;
  • Grouping files using tags or individual categories / albums;
  • Search by other people’s photos;
  • Adjustable Privacy Settings;
  • Seperate applications with different functions for phones and tablets.

The maximum amount of data that a user can store in his account is 10 GB.

Pros Cons
Easy Start to use English Language resource only
A number of thematic applications from the manufacturer
To use it enough to have a Facebook account


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