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Most smartphone users habitually use Chrome, unaware of the existence of no less worthy alternatives. 

Indeed, choosing the best browser for Android in 2021 from hundreds of applications is not easy, since it will take a lot of time to sort through them. We took a hit, tested all the most interesting options, and are ready to talk about the top applications for surfing the world wide web.

1.Yandex Browser

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Name: Yandex
Latest Version: 20.7.5
Official Site:
Year of Foundation: 2012
Country: Russia

Yandex Browser is a browser known to everyone with a powerful ecosystem of applications. Fast harvester with a nice interface and a bunch of useful add-ons. Hundreds of extensions are supported. Made on the same engine as Chrome, but optimized for the needs of Russian users.

The search bar is smart, there is a password manager, all data is stored in the cloud under your account.  Tabs on the main screen look beautiful, they are convenient to use, you can put any background to your taste. It is possible to search by image and install an ad blocker.


  • Synchronization of bookmarks and other data from the cloud with the desktop version of the browser;
  • Nice and functional interface;
  • High speed of work;
  • Compatible with all Yandex apps out of the box;
  • There are modes for turbo, incognito, reading, and other useful things;
  • The high degree of security of personal data;
  • Supports ad blockers;
  • Smart search bar can search by pictures;
  • Support for many extensions, including from Google Chrome;
  • Built-in Flash Player;
  • Built-in messenger;
  • Flexible interface customization;
  • Works fine on weak smartphones.


  • The browser is notable for the integration of the Yandex service ecosystem. If you don’t care about it, a lot of the app’s appeal is lost;
  • Occasionally there are failures of synchronization of settings/history with the desktop version;
  • Voice assistant “Alice” sometimes makes mistakes in request recognition.

2. Google Chrome

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Name: Chrome
Latest Version: 85.0.4183
Official Site:
Year of Foundation: 2012
Country: USA

Google Chrome is the native browser of the operating system, built into it by default. It synchronizes with your Google account, pulling up all the settings, history, passwords, and so on. It surpasses all other browsers in terms of speed, but it can slow down on older devices.

 It works smoothly, beautifully, supports all modern technologies – any content is displayed as expected. You can switch to displaying desktop versions of sites. Supports voice input in search, it is extremely convenient to work with tabs. Reactive browser with support for many extensions.


  • Exceptional speed of work on solid smartphones with three gigabytes of RAM;
  • Smooth scrolling, the ability to enlarge any objects on the page, built-in PDF reader;
  • Stable, secure, sync works great between all devices;
  • Nice, minimalistic design, nothing distracts from absorbing content;
  • Convenient and simple interface, few settings, but everything out of the box works as expected;
  • Compatible with all advanced technologies, correctly displays any content formats;
  • There is a built-in ad blocker;
  • Supports thousands of extensions for every taste;
  • A simplified model with a sparing level of traffic consumption and battery power;
  • The browser is preinstalled on most devices out of the box.


  • Demanding on the hardware of the device slows down on weak smartphones;
  • Takes up a lot of page cache files;
  • It consumes battery power with appetite.

3.Mozilla Firefox

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Name: Mozilla Firefox
Latest Version: 79.0.5
Official Site:
Year of Foundation: 2010
Country USA

Mozilla Firefox is a cross-platform browser renowned for having developer-friendly extensions. It will appeal to those who are used to using it on a PC, there is the possibility of synchronizing accounts. It works almost as fast as Chrome, but still inferior to it.

In terms of the speed of work and the correctness of displaying content, it has grown significantly in the last year. There are roughnesses, albeit small ones. Scrolling is smooth, but still slightly inferior in this indicator to Chrome. In terms of speed, pages scroll a little faster.

Firefox has a user-friendly interface in almost everything. The home screen allows you to switch between tabs open in normal and incognito mode (private mode with protection from activity tracking).


  • Good speed of work quickly loads heavy pages;
  • Nice interface with a dark theme by default;
  • Conveniently implemented work with tabs, bookmarks, and browsing history;
  • The minimum set of imposed: no ads, recommendations, news feeds, and other things;
  • The smart search bar supports Google voice input;
  • Lots of advanced add-ons for developers;
  • There is a built-in password manager, incognito and traffic saving modes;
  • Knows how to interact with web services applications, offering, for example, to go to the installed VK application instead of viewing the social network in a browser.


  • Sometimes the content is displayed incorrectly;
  • Design for an amateur;
  • In terms of speed and smoothness of work, it is still inferior to the market leaders.

4.Opera Mini

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Name: Opera
Latest Version: 50.0.2254.149182
Official Site:
Year of Foundation: 2014
Country: Norway

Opera Mini is a browser that we remember from Java phones. This was the only way to surf the Internet more or less normally from a mobile phone. It looks colorful, the browser clearly seeks to immediately start to entertain the user.

The bookmarks and settings panel is located at the bottom, which is considered a convenient option for many. There is a built-in ad blocker on sites and a traffic-saving mode. The browser is fast, you can choose a theme and tablet orientation. 

Unpretentious to the power of the smartphone, there is a night mode. The content of the main page is customizable. In general, the browser supports all the basic settings necessary, plus adds something of its own users.


  • Good speed of work;
  • There is a night theme, the ability to customize the appearance of the interface;
  • Good level of ergonomics;
  • Advanced traffic saving mode;
  • Built-in adblocker;
  • Not picky about the power of the smartphone, moderately consumes battery power.


  • The main page is oversaturated, advertising on it cannot be disabled;
  • No password wizard;
  • There is no support for extensions.

5.Tor Browser

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Name: Tor
Latest Version: 68.11.0
Official Site:
Year of Foundation: 2019
Country: USA

Tor Browser – runs on a proxy server system with support for advanced technologies for anonymous information transfer. The highest level of security among browsers, in terms of functionality it is practically not inferior to the desktop version.

Significantly, the FBI paid $ 1 million to a research team in 2014 to help gain access to the Tor network in order to reveal the identities of its users. The release Android version of the browser was released in 2021. It bypasses ad trackers and all kinds of blocking.

Login to sites does not occur directly but through a network of many encrypted servers that reliably hide your real IP address and personal data (cache, cookies, location). The best use is to enter blocked sites with a clear purpose, not through a search engine, but by entering a specific address.


  • Exceptional level of security based on proprietary hardware and software technologies;
  • HTTPS Everywhere – a feature that enables data encryption for all sites can be disabled;
  • Ability to access prohibited sites;
  • Everything works out of the box, almost nothing needs to be configured;
  • Based on Firefox, so it supports all the technologies you need to display any web content correctly.


  • Poor performance, since traffic travels a much longer and more complex path than when working in other browsers;
  • Google search is installed by default, but there is no Duck Duck Go, although it can be added manually;
  • Not suitable as a primary browser.


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Puffin is a popular cross-platform browser, which, due to the built-in support for Flash technology, is perceived in functionality almost the same as desktop solutions. Allows you to play games on social networks Facebook, VK, and other sites directly from your phone. This is the main distinguishing advantage of the browser.

It consumes quite a lot of RAM and quickly burns battery power during the same games, which is quite natural. It works smoothly, but is not a speed champion. Puffin allows you to select a default search engine, but it does not sync with the data of any accounts (Google, Yandex, etc.).

There is a traffic saving mode and the ability to select storage for downloaded files (including cloud). A good alternative browser for entertainment, but not for work and shopping.


  • Allows you to play Flash games on any sites, as well as watch movies;
  • Has a really nice interface;
  • Smoothly scrolls the page, there is a button to quickly move up or down;
  • Supports connecting a gamepad for flash games;
  • Configurable traffic saving mode;
  • Ability to save downloaded files to Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive;
  • Support for virtual mouse and trackpad.


  • Shows full-screen ads in the free version, albeit infrequently;
  • Demanding on the hardware stuffing of the smartphone;
  • It consumes a lot of energy and traffic, especially when using Flash;
  • The free version restricts Flash usage to daytime;
  • The initial loading speed of some sites is very slow (3-4 seconds of waiting);
  • Doesn’t support any extensions and sync with cloud accounts;
  • There is no support for secure payments.


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Name: Dolphin
Latest Version: 12.2.3
Official Site:
Year of Foundation: 2010
country: China

Dolphin is a specific, interesting browser in its own way. Has a smart address bar, allows you to choose a search engine. There is also Sonar voice input, but this feature is paid and not very useful. The content you like can be sent to Box, Evernote, and other cloud services.

Synchronizing data with other browsers is simple – just log into, for example, a Google account, the data from there will be pulled up. There is also an application store that adds functionality to popular web services. There are also extensions like translators, accelerators, and more.

Dolphin supports Flash, which allows you to play and watch videos. There are add-ons like JetPack in a standalone application format that increases page loading speed. In fact, the browser is fast, but not quite smooth. Sometimes crashes when surfing.


  • Flash support, which allows you to play browser games;
  • Nice and functional interface;
  • The ability to customize the design;
  • Support for extensions and applications;
  • Convenient synchronization with other browsers;
  • Convenient bookmark and “Share” panels;
  • Gesture system, built-in AdBlock.
  • Incognito mode, as well as a setting to clear data, cookies, and cache on exit.


  • Sometimes it crashes out of the blue;
  • Doesn’t always fit mobile versions of sites well;
  • Average speed and stability.
  • Takes up a lot of space.


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Name: Kiwi browser
Latest Version: Quadea
Official Website:
Year of Foundation: 2018
Country: China

Kiwi is a powerful browser-based on the Chromium engine. The interface is very similar to that of Chrome, it is simple and pleasant to use. Extensions from the Chrome branded store are also supported. The loading speed of heavy pages is excellent, the scrolling is smooth.

There is a built-in dark theme, nice and stable. An ad blocker out of the box and its behavior can be customized. There are a lot of settings for adapting the display for people with visual impairments.

One of the most pleasant features is the transition between pages forward / backward with swipes, very convenient. Working with tabs is organized in the same way as in Chrome. The main screen contains a bookmark bar and a news feed.


  • High speed and smooth operation;
  • Several themes, including dark variations;
  • Built-in translator and adblocker;
  • Support for extensions from the Chrome store;
  • Ability to move the address bar down;
  • There is a one-handed operation mode;


  • Sometimes the browser crawls into the Internet in the background, eats up traffic;
  • Demanding on the hardware of the smartphone;
  • An ad blocker doesn’t always work effectively;
  • Doesn’t support syncing with Google, Yandex, etc.


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Name: Maxthon
Latest Version:
Official Site:
Year of Foundation: 2010
Country: China

Maxthon is a good alternative browser with many useful features. The interface is more or less user-friendly, although not very attractive. The main page contains a large number of bookmarks, the control panel is at the bottom.

Average performance displays sites correctly, but in no hurry to load them. Allows you to install a dark theme and activate a smart display of pictures to save traffic.

The interface supports 25 languages, it is not like other browsers, it takes some getting used to. In general, the application is interesting, but it lacks speed and stability.


  • The presence of night and secret modes;
  • Plugin support;
  • Storing account data in the cloud;
  • Built-in password manager.


  • The page loading speed is low;
  • Sometimes crashes with errors, unstable;
  • There are problems with logging in and downloading data from an account.


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Name: Duck Duck Go Privacy Browser
Latest Version: 5.61.2
Official Site:
Year of Foundation: 2011
Country: USA

DuckDuckGo is a browser for comfortable use of the capabilities of the search engine of the same name, which is known for its high degree of confidentiality. The search engine shows interesting results, allows you to access prohibited sites. The default is a dark theme, you can switch to a light one if you wish.

The browser and the search engine do not save information about users’ IP addresses, logs, almost do not use cookies and any other personal data. There are no advertisements related to the commercial benefit of DuckDuckGo (there is only one that is published by the sites themselves).


  • Security and stability;
  • The protection is accompanied by a good page loading speed;
  • Dark and light themes;
  • The ability to manually disable the privacy mode for a specific site;
  • Separate button for burning session data.


  • Minimal functionality, sometimes there are bugs when displaying content;
  • Blocks ads on some sites, but leaves blanks from banners.


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