Which is the cheapest and best Android phone?

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Welcome friends to another new blog post
Today hat will be Which is the cheapest and best Android phone?

So, friends, you all will know that there are the two most popular companies in India that make Android devices.
And you may not know their name and I do not know, so let me tell you, their name is Real India and Show Me Tosham has one of the most brands of India and has removed very cheap Android device so far and still removing and The most popular of Show Me is the Redmi 5a, because the Redmi 5a 95 percent people have taken care of purchase in India, you get everything in the small phone and good battery and a good camera and fine display, then Flipkart Amazon in 5000 Can serve and also have a brand and Android is the best. Real Me is more expensive than what Real Me is about.

The first device of Real Me as you would know was Real me1 and so far the last phone of Real Me has come out, Real Me 7 Pro, and all other phones are also good.
Real Me gets a gaming processor so it has an advantage and people tend to buy more because they see the battery but on WhatsApp, it also means a lot for the phone, although you will know that if you play content then in real The work will easily be cut in the device of the owner and the owner’s phone will look a little hitless and problem and like it does a good job for the owner here as well, but for the owner, these two companies compete, we cannot tell which is bad and who It is right that both are the best because both of these phones make more good ones.
There are more phones in the cheap market, you can also see them like Infinix Infinix is ​​also a best friend. It also takes out cheap budget Android devices in cheap phones and with good books and Infinix has just landed in the market, that’s why its high market value right now Do not trust easily, but those who think the phones are good, then you can easily purchase clip card from Amazon, although these Finnish phones are cheap and also good because hot phones of these finishes have also come in the market. And now a phone has come out of Infinix. There is such a phone that is also very good but it is expensive, it is attached to it the day after tomorrow, you get it on Flipkart. In the ring of 15000, a gaming phone also becomes a good display. Good battery. And good charging and updates go on for many years.

Some phones of an Indian company are cheap, expensive because they do not have good versions, so they are not being purchased right now, have made these notes of a Micromax and it is on top in India and many people are liking it like I After some time, I am going to do 25 and this Note 1 Pro is considered to be a very good gaming phone. It has a large battery of 5000 and the Halo Qazi 85 is in it.
And it is considered to be a very good administration. In comparison to gaming, PUBG will work easily in HD. Congratulations, it is a very good thing for Indian phones because till now no such cheap phone in India had come into the market and these networks came. So the market value is leaning towards India and on a very good day in India, Micromax company can withdraw

Recently Lava has launched its devices, but the battery is good on some new ones, but his father-in-law is not good. Some people believe that because Lava has taken out their cheap and budget phones, all hope is that they can get good phones going forward. Because Lava is an Indian company and good lava devices were sold earlier, the market rate of Lava has fallen as Lava did not remove any device from 2017 and 2020.
If you want a phone for the price of 10000, then you can purchase it on Flipkart Amazon, the first phone is our Infinix Hot 10, it comes in the range of 10000 and gets a very good gaming phone and another phone of these finishes. There is Infinix 7 and it is also launched soon and it also goes on a very good game and Salman comes out another device. The series of nurses in the 10000 range is also good. Real Me that you can visit that mother too. Can also make a good device and better gaming in the range of 10000
Nar just 20
You can purchase it in the range of just 11000 and it is a good gaming processor, in this, you get a large battery of 6000 and gat5 of rallies and the camera is also good 64-megapixel camera Winter front camera gets 16 megapixels. And you will get this very good phone for the price of 11000, you can purchase it.
Or from amazon

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