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The easiest way to listen to music offline on your favorite phone is to download songs and play them on your music player. But if you still prefer special applications that find legal music for you, download it to your smartphone, and then allow you to listen to this stuff offline, you will have to look for something worthwhile.


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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

Deezer is a free tool for listening to over 55 million music tracks spread over thousands of playlists and podcasts. 

They have great personal recommendations. You are given a unique opportunity to enjoy the musical compositions of your favorite performers.

Don’t you deserve to enjoy listening to your favorite tracks ?!

App Benefits:

  • 55 million tracks;
  • personalized recommendations from Flow;
  • excellent track recognizer “what is this song?”;
  • the ability to sing along with “lyrics”;
  • playing music according to mood and genre;
  • the ability to listen to different channels, podcasts, and even radio stations.

And this is not enough? Then step over all the restrictions with the Deezer Premium player and listen to music offline without any intrusive ads! And also this:

  • non-stop streaming, excluding the appearance of ad units and splash screens;
  • offline mode with preloading of specific albums and playlists (listening without the Internet);
  • the ability to play music on a smart TV, portable devices, watches, and other devices that support voice control;
  • excellent sound quality (320 kbps).

Deezer Flow

The flow algorithm allows you to memorize your favorite music tracks and create an endless list with them, as well as supplementing this mix with new recommended ones.

Deezer HiFi

Lovers of high-quality sound are offered the opportunity to listen to music using Deezer HiFi. At the same time, the audio system itself must support high resolution.

Music player Deezer has a wide range of songs and podcasts, almost unlimited access. The ideal soundtrack for the sophisticated music lover together with Deezer does not require a wi-fi connection. 

You just need to download the songs and enjoy them anywhere offline. At home or on the go – your music is always with you.

2.Youtube Music

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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

This is where you can roam your music collections!

The unique app from YouTube Music stores in its bins many tracks from almost all artists, including newcomers to the world of music.

The system tracks your preferences and locations and offers exactly what you might definitely like.

New from YouTube Music exclusively for music tracks:

  • updated service with a complete collection of official releases of popular artists;
  • Convenient search;
  • A great opportunity to quickly find singles, live broadcasts, and remixes of your favorite musicians and vocalists;
  • Search by text or description of any song you like;
  • Interesting new compositions;
  • Recommended tracks, taking into account preferences and geographic location, taking into account the time of day;
  • Keeping track of the latest novelties using the Top List;
  • Unique opportunity to free trial period of Music Premium for a period of one month.

Unfortunately, those who have a YouTube Premium or Google Play subscription, or who have already checked out Music Premium before, are not able to do this. As soon as the trial subscription ends, automatic billing starts.

3.Yandex Music

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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

Yandex Music and podcasts open up a sea of ​​possibilities for the true music lover.

Licensed music, popular songs, podcasts, audiobooks up to bedtime stories – all this is collected in a huge media library.

App Benefits:

  • Millions, tens of millions of music files. And it’s all in one app!;
  • Musical selections and collections of songs;
  • The most popular singles and the latest music albums are at your service;
  • Personalized daily music track recommendations based on preferences and geolocation;
  • Highest HQ sound quality;
  • Music recognition capability;
  • Online music and podcasts without an internet connection;
  • A rich Plus subscription not only in Music.

New Releases

Any news of the week from the music editors not to be missed.

New Playlists

The Yandex.Music music library has various playlists:

  • Premiere ” – all new items from the world of music are collected here by a neural network, taking into account personal preferences;
  • Hype ” – online songs that literally tomorrow will be heard from all devices;
  • Loud New Items of the Month ” – the tracks expected by everyone;
  • podcasts in Russian and genre playlists.
  • The application also allows you to listen to the radio, but this is only online.

The application also allows you to listen to the radio, but this is only online.

Music by category

Thematic selections of songs are collected in the updated section. They are ungrouped by year and style, by mood, for holidays and weekdays, as well as for different activities.

There are selections of electronic and dance music, cinema – soundtracks, children’s music and audio fairy tales.

High sound quality

Paying users are given an advantage – HQ audio player mode. When turned on, there is the possibility of high-bitrate listening and downloading music.


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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

Spotify lets you listen to any song for free. It is easy to find the music of your favorite artists here, collect your playlist of favorite tunes, for example: songs from films, about love, etc.

Spotify helps:

  • listen to albums and songs of popular artists;
  • create your own playlist, by which you can easily determine even your personal mood and share the playlist with friends;
  • find music that would suit a certain type of activity and activity: running, relaxation, etc.;
  • listen to music on smartphones, tablets in PlayStation, Chromecast, smart speaker, or TV.

Nowadays, music continues to be a valuable form of relaxation. It is constantly changing, adding new directions. Installing Spotify is really the best solution to constantly enjoy your music on any portable device and not be tied to the network.

Regardless of where you are, you are always near popular music, various melodies and albums, collected in convenient playlists. No geographic distance will prevent you from being in the stream of musical melodies.

A personal Spotify playlist is the ultimate way to have a list of your favorite songs and tunes side by side. 

Spotify is an affordable medium for free music, albums by popular artists.

No one will be left without their favorite music, which can be downloaded for the future to listen to anytime, anywhere. And don’t care about internet connectivity.

No boundaries for music on Spotify. And you can download whole playlists. And you can find literally any music, even songs of little-known performers.

On smartphones and tablets, you can listen to popular music albums by mixing them with each other.

Free listening with a huge selection and creation of your own playlists is a great opportunity not to remain in silence.

5.Sound Cloud

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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

SoundCloud is a new breakthrough in the music genre:

  • If you are looking for nascent music trends, then here is the opportunity for you;
  • Collect playlists subscribe to musicians and friends;
  • Enjoy comedy shows and news.

With SoundCloud, you are always in the thick of music!

Hip-hop, rock, electronica, classics, house, jazz, audiobooks and sports programs … The list goes on, as there is so much darkness in SoundCloud.

App Benefits:

  • you can always track music that is starting to gain popularity;
  • Search for musicians, music tracks, and even other users;
  • subscribe to friends and musicians to keep abreast of their publications;
  • viewing songs based on their genre;
  • listening to streaming music with WiFi or mobile connection;
  • play, pause, skip tracks from the lock screen;
  • login and registration via Facebook and Google+;
  • sound recording and posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr;
  • geotags with data about the place of recording;
  • creating playlists and the ability to share them with users who subscribed to you.

6.Free Music

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App Source: onAndroid

In 2018, Free Music was named the best music player with free access. There is everything that you just do not want.

Trending songs, favorite artists and genres are grouped into playlists by interest.

Free Music as an excellent MP3 player, can play songs of local composition autonomously.

App Benefits:

  • A sea of ​​free music from YouTube – various genre compositions by any artist;
  • Songs – new and already popular compositions in all kinds of genres: Hip-hop, Rap, Rock, Pop, R & B, Country, Latin, etc;
  • The best search engine for music, artists, and playlists;
  • Convenient and quick creation of your own playlists. By clicking on any music, artist, or playlist, you create your own selection.

Key Features of The Mp3 Player:

viewing and playing music from albums previously created by you;
convenient editing of tags of music files (title, artist, etc.);
adding automatically music from SD memory cards and mobile devices;
support for the most popular formats (MP3, AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MIDI, Vorbis, PCM / WAVE, Opus, lossless music).

7.Apple Music

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App Source: onAndroid / onIOS

With Apple Music, access to millions of songs and your entire Apple Music library is virtually unlimited.

All ringtones are easy to listen to on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Mac computers or Windows computers.

Don’t put off your subscription for the trial period. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

  • Enjoy over 60 million songs streamed;
  • Sing along to your favorite performers in sync;
  • Cast your favorite music to any of your devices via Chromecast;
  • Listen offline and without Wi-Fi. You just need to download your favorite tracks to your smartphone and listen offline;
  • Group your songs into playlists or choose from daily recommendations.


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