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The modern computer world can no longer be imagined without cloud storage. This technology has become an integral part of almost every operating system.

Cloud storage is designed to accommodate and long-term storage of various data – it can be the user’s private files, corporate and financial documents, in order to quickly and efficiently access them and at the same time protect against intrusion.

Now there are many different options for services, each of which has its own unique features and benefits. Which is better and more convenient is up to you, based on your personal needs and preferences. Next, let’s look at popular options and compare cloud storage.

List of 12 Best Free Cloud Storage Available in 2021


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Blomp is the Best cloud storage service for those who want a large amount of online storage for free. It provides almost 200GB for free to every user. Blomp provides the best security for your files to protect them online. Blomp is very much popular all over the world. It has a simple dashboard which is easy to use and It provides Application for multiple Operating System OS.

Some of the key benefits of a cloud drive include:

  • 20GB Signup Bonus and 20GB Referral bonus [up to 200GB];
  • High Level of Security;
  • Application for Android, Desktop, Mac, Ios, and Linux;
  • You Can Access it from anywhere of the world.


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A very interesting and promising project from Kit Dotcom, which has become known all over the world thanks to its Megaupload product.

Some of the key benefits of a cloud drive include:

  • the interface supports the Drag & Drop option, that is, dragging and dropping files with the mouse;
  • the presence of the Russian language in the settings panel;
  • universal product for all desktop and mobile operating systems;
  • high level of security due to the AES algorithm, since the content is already encrypted in the browser.

3.Media Fire

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This storage has been operating since 2006 and combines convenience, simplicity, and efficiency. A great option to keep your files safe and free up space on your hard drive.

Main functions of MediaFire:

  • provides 10 gigabytes of virtual storage by default;
  • only web version or mobile application is available;
  • backup option.

4.Yandex Disk

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Yandex is a Russian company as you can say that this is the alternative to Google in Russia they also provide service link google dose. Yandex disk provides 10GB Free Cloud storage for everyone who uses their disk.

Not so long ago, the market saw a cloud service from Yandex, which was able to attract its fans. Among the key advantages are the following:

  • a large amount of disk space (up to 10 gigabytes);
  • free account with 3 gigabytes;
  • adapted for all popular operating systems;
  • integration with Yandex.Mail.

5.Google Drive

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Google Drive is the most used and most popular cloud storage all over the world. It is the product of google so that Google Drive has powerful security. Every user who have gmail account will get free 15GB cloud storage where you can store files, videos, documents, and images. Google Drive is most powerfull cloud storage online. You can do multiple of things with google drive. It has simple dashboard and it provides Mobile application also.

This Cloud Storage is developed by Google for those who use and love its product. It is a simple and secure online storage service available on the planet.

The features of Google Drive virtual storage are as follows:

  • 15 gigabytes free;
  • integration with mail and document service from Google;
  • backup;
  • functional and user-friendly interface;
  • support for 30 file formats;
  • no binding to the operating system;
  • several levels of access to files.


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The box is the most popular online cloud storage platform it is secured reliable and affordable. They provide up to 10GB of free cloud storage for every user but it has a limit on uploading files for free users that is 250MB which is the minus point of it.

It has built-in integration with Microsoft 365 and Google G-suite. You will also get standard customer service for free. It provides Two Factor Authentication Option to enhance their security part. Box provides a mobile application which is the very best feature for every user who is trying to go with the box.

Initially, the storage was focused on business but later became popular among private users. All clients are provided with the following opportunities:

  • convenient and intuitive interface;
  • the high degree of data protection;
  • synchronization on all devices;
  • fast interaction with Google Docs and Office 365;
  • in the desktop version, you can edit files.


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Among the many free cloud storage service, the best cloud storage service that I like is koofr. It Provides Almost 8 Gb of free cloud storage for free to every user. It can be accessed through the website, desktop application, mobile application, and Rclone.

There is no limitation on file size for uploading and downloading so you can upload anything that you want to store online securely. You can connect different types of cloud storage and transfer files among them.

Every users get these features:

  • 4GB Signup Bonus and 2GB referral bonus each up to 8GB;
  • Connect Multiple Cloud Services and Transfer files among them for free;
  • Fast, Secure, and Reliable;
  • Mobile and desktop application;
  • No file size limit on uploading and downloading.


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Another cloud is specially created for storing backups. It provides 10GB of free cloud storage for every free user. It is secured and reliable to use. It provides less storage than others but you can use it if you want to experience more cloud storage services. It Provides Applications for Android, Ios, and Desktop. It has also paid plans which you can purchase and use.

The Following features is provided to every users :

  • Free 10GB cloud storage;
  • Import data from Facebook, Google, Dropbox, and Flickr with a click;
  • Can be accessed from any devices;
  • Mobile, Desktop, and Ios Application.


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The most popular and widespread cloud storage service for all operating systems. You can upload various types of files into it, where they will always be safe.

The audience of users is about 100 million people. After registration, the product is integrated into the system, thereby generating the creation of a folder of the same name – just upload files into it, and they will immediately move to the virtual storage.

Key benefits of Dropbox file storage:

  • 2 gigabytes are available for free use;
  • there is a referral program for receiving bonus gigabytes of space;
  • adapted for all popular operating systems;
  • USB dongle function to enhance security;
  • encryption of information through 256-bit AES and SSL.


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Another way to store backup data is pCloud. It provides 10GB free cloud storage to every users. Interesting fact of Pcloud is that there are several convenient functions for working with images. You can access Pcloud on any device you want. It Provides secured storage service / unbreakable security. It Provides the best-paid plan, Cheap and best cloud storage on the market, and used by lots of users which builds trust on the site.

This storage drive was developed by a Swiss company known for its privacy and security requirements. An excellent option for any modern operating system and for those who care about their information security.

The following options are available to users:

  • plugin for Lightroom;
  • there is no limit on the size of the file for uploading;
  • 2-level file protection;
  • pCloud Crypto subscription for more client protection.


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This is a product from Microsoft Corporation, released in 2007. It will appeal to everyone who uses the company’s products in their work.

If you use the latest OS from Microsoft, then you already know about this cloud storage. Microsoft OneDrive lets you keep your documents and files close at hand. Registering with Microsoft can help users keep everything in one place. It can be accessed from any device at any time and is also preinstalled in Windows. This cloud storage is considered the second most popular storage among businessmen after the Dropbox cloud.

 The service offers users the following cloud storage capabilities:

  • integration with Microsoft Office Online;
  • 5 gigabytes of free space;
  • remote access to content;
  • advanced options for managing dads;
  • preview images.

12.The iCloud

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OneDrive equivalent for Apple users only. 5GB for backing up your photos and documents. It provides the best security to your files than other cloud storage. As we all know that Apple company has a more powerful security system than every company in the world. In order to use iCloud, you must have an Apple id.

This is not a full-fledged virtual storage, but its modified version, resulting from the failure of the project, which the developers managed to revive and present in a new form. 

It is used only on Apple devices and provides users with the following features:

  • sync storage with any device;
  • in the web version there are 5 sections – Contacts, Calendar, Mail, iWork, and iPhone search;
  • 5 gigabytes of space free of charge for each registered user;
  • high-level security due to 128-bit AES SSL encryption;
  • a separate client is provided for Windows.


The cloud storages discussed in the article are modern and high-quality products for client use. Having studied the features of each of them, you can decide and choose the most suitable option for yourself in order to store files and not worry about their protection.


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