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A router today is an integral attribute of literally any apartment – when we come to visit our grandmother, the first thing we do is look for a network, and not finding it, we grieve. A router with a SIM card can solve a similar problem, having which you do not need to run a cable, the device will catch 4G and distribute it to all your devices. Let’s try together to understand the features of such gadgets and choose those that most fully meet the requirements of today while having an adequate cost.


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The maximum wireless speed of this monster is 1900 Mbps – an unattainable figure for competitors. There is a possibility of Concurrently operation in two bands.

The signal is the most powerful, the stability is beyond praise – no other device on the market can provide such a level of reliability.

The only drawback is not even a drawback, but a strangeness – a large gap near the SIM card slot, which in the end can lead to the fact that your card simply slips into it during installation and gets lost in the bowels of the device case. Otherwise, it is more than a worthy option, a well-deserved first place in our rating of the best routers with a sim card in 2021. If the price is not scary, then the choice is obvious.

2.Zyxel Lte4506

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This device has SMS control – the future has already arrived! Manual network selection – please. The collection of advanced data and statistics is at your service.

Both Wi-Fi frequencies are supported, the device is ready to transmit up to 300 megabits per second. The device covers a pretty impressive area, besides, you can connect up to 16 different devices at the same time!

If the light blinks, the device will not turn on automatically – you have to press a button, which is not very convenient. On the front panel there is a huge Wi-Fi off button, which is easy to accidentally hook, and then wonder where the Internet has gone. The only microsystem is used as a SIM card – an extremely strange engineering solution. There is only one LAN port, which can be a problem for many.


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Excellent 4G reception – if there is a tower, then the network will definitely be caught. There are detachable antennas that can be replaced with more powerful ones. Setting up a modem is very simple, it is unlikely that you will need more than twenty minutes for this.

If many routers with a SIM card cut the speed against the background of their colleagues without 4G, then such problems were not found here. The assembly is at a level, the device does not heat up at all, no plastic smell is produced during operation.

The case is glossy, and therefore fingerprints stain the device instantly – you need to constantly wipe it down. A number of devices are connected not without problems, but in the end, users understand and solve them using Google. Not bad, but for the highest position in our top of the best routers with a SIM card, it is not enough.

4.MikroTik wAP LTE kit

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This router has a full-fledged LTE that supports all bands of interest to most users. There is a possibility of outdoor installation, in addition, the device has moisture protection.

The router keeps the connection very stable, no regular drops were noticed. Good equipment – a variety of mounts, spare screws for the cover, and more.

The branded operating system looks unusual, so it will take time to understand all its intricacies. The device, of course, does not give out the maximum declared speed of 100 Mbit per second, but it does not lose to competitors in the same conditions.

5.HUAWEI E5577

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Our review of the best routers of 2021 is continued by another model from Huawei, which pleased with its small size, lightweight, and excellent web interface with flexible settings.

During installation, you do not need to download any additional software, the device can either be powered from the network or work offline.

According to users, under the same conditions, this router often shows weaker results than branded competitors from Megafon or MTS. If the difference between 20 and 30 megabits per second is important for you, it makes sense to look for something else.

6.Tenda 4G185

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A popular model of a portable router, which has every reason to be considered one of the favorites for the title of the best device in terms of price and quality. Excellent autonomy, no problems with the signal, nice appearance.

There are no complaints about the assembly – no extraneous sounds during operation, moreover, there is no fear that the gadget will fall apart when dropped from a small height.

There is no Russian language in the web interface, but this is a common feature of such equipment in the Russian market, is it a problem? Even if you do not know English, almost everyone can figure out the setting and forget about it for a long time.


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The device is made in a stylish black case, you do not need to configure anything – it works great right out of the box, just screw the antennas and insert the plug into the outlet.

I was pleasantly pleased with the signal reception, even outside the city there are no problems – the B310 is perfect for a summer residence. With the distribution of problems, everything is fine, at any point in the summer cottage you can catch a network.

There is a possibility of control from a smartphone, but the software is damp – it is much easier to carry out all the manipulations through the web interface. There is no wall mount included, but this is a trifle by and large. Not a bad device for wireless Internet in places far from civilization.

8.ZTE MF903

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A device with broad capabilities typical of more expensive models – DMZ, MAC address filtering, and others. The strong Wi-Fi signal allows you to cover a large apartment or one-story private house.

The web interface is made in Russian – everything is simple and straightforward. There is an Ethernet port, you can connect a cable to the router and not use a SIM card.

Judging by the reviews, there may be problems with turning it on and off – the router is quite capricious in operation. The USB connector is used only for charging gadgets from a router like a Powerbank.

9.HUAWEI E5573

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An excellent compact router for home and summer cottages, made of high-quality materials – it does not heat up, there is no plastic smell. It works smartly, the hardware as a whole is not satisfactory.

The device can be used both with a cable and as a 4G modem. The device is extremely easy to use – literally, everyone can install and configure. There is a clear and useful indication by means of LEDs.

The device is simple, there is no screen and other useful chips. True, the device supports both frequencies, so residents of apartment buildings will not be limited in speed due to the lack of 5 GHz.

10.Alcatel Link Zone

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The router only supports the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi standard, but you shouldn’t expect anything else from a budget employee. The device can be used even without plugging into an outlet, it can work in standalone mode for up to 7 hours.

The signal is stable, catches, and distributes to a solid five. Small and lightweight, the device is perfect for use as a mobile router that you can take with you on a trip.

The gadget has a mobile application, but it leaves much to be desired, the manufacturer still needs to work on the software. During operation, the device heats up noticeably – everyone decides for himself whether this is a disadvantage.


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