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When Rockstar Games finally confirmed that Grand Theft Auto – The Trilogy – Definitive Edition was ongoing, the question immediately jumped to when, on October 8, following a leaked game from overseas, Rockstar Games finally announced GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition with a short teaser and confirmed that the pack contains GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. Rockstar Games has now released a remastered look at the iconic ‘Here We Go Again’ Meme.

Apart from the origin of the famous memes, San Andreas will launch separately on Xbox Game Pass. The Trilogy will be released on November 11 for PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Rockstar Games Launcher. There will be a launch on iOS and Android in the first half of 2022. All three will ship with “graphical enhancements and modern gameplay enhancements,”.

While people wait for Rockstar to reveal more of these upcoming remasters, fans of the GTA data collection have been able to pinpoint exactly what achievements for each game in the collection. This time the data devs dug into files in the Rockstar Games Launcher on PC and compiled a complete list of achievements players can earn in remakes that will be released later this year.

The collection of remasters will contain 135 achievements in total, with new ones tied to popular culture, Rockstars history and hints at the famous developer roster of games. It is believed that each game in the collection will unlock 40 to 50 achievements, including one based on the famous GTA meme “Here we go again” Likewise, the list of leaked achievements for the GTA trilogy also refers to the popular San Andreas meme which requires players to start a new save after 100% completion.

Rockstar Remasters The 'Here We Go Again' Meme

Credit @ Rockstar Games

In addition to the announcement, Rockstar Games decided to make room for new remasters by removing previous versions of the games that were sometimes available in packs for less than $ 10 from digital stores including Steam.

The company is preparing for the premiere of the updated collection and has released stamps and gifs with memorable episodes from its games as part of this. Source material can be traced back many years despite the recent boom and curiously a lot of it came in video games.

Given the close of release, it goes without saying that Rockstar will let fans see how the collection works when they purchase it on launch day. Some fans worry that the game will be out in a few days and Rockstar has not shown much material about it, to give fans something to get excited about Rockstar Remasters The ‘Here We Go Again’ Meme.


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