What happened to Micromax?

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Welcome friends, in another new blog post, today’s topic is Micromax’s series.

So, friends, you all know that Micromax has not been able to do anything special to date in Android and India and nothing special because it brought Chinese devices in India and it was easily found and cheap and well-known devices That’s why people used to get anchored in the top 1 in 2015 and 16
And this very good market value was also created and then after some time if this Chinese company is not in the market and then Micromax A stopped working completely because Micromax phones were not special.

Those friends, its market value has fallen completely from 2018 to 2021, and then some good work was done in the metro because the Indian government was giving it its confidence. After all, if you bring something to the market, we will do our best. It Will help and have done a very good job from the metro, as these networks have removed a very good device, you will get to see very good in 10000 mobile in the train.
Ho, you get a lot of good things in it, such a large image battery 5000 megapixels camera and camera ever get setup and selfie camera gets 16 megapixels and it is a very good thing and you also get a big display six points. HD Plus display of 5 points 6 is also available in this and it is also a very good thing for Micromax because till now Metro had not taken out such a good and cheap phone from me and it is challenging many other companies and quite It is considered a good phone because such a phone has not come out in India, nor has it been removed so far, no other company has done such a good job on its case, but has not removed such a good phone.

And have also taken out another phone which is a 6000 phone, it is also very good. You also get a large battery in the Micromax phone, and along with that you get a phone in the budget, but swimming support is not so good on it. You can play small games in it, its name is also the name of male Android, there are some names by doing these notes but he also said that it is a good phone and you can go and buy it, you can get a stock Android with Indian phone. Goes

That we want and there should be no ad on the phone, then you can go with this Android. It is quite a good Android that has been pulled from Micromax and some more phones coming up should be great because every guy needs a cheap and good gaming phone. Many other things can work with you. We are all waiting and eagerly can do something good for Micromax and he did such a good job. He deserves great praise and another new phone coming out. Are the ones which is a 5G phone and this is also a good thing because no 5G phone has come out of India yet and it is considered very good news for India, there will be some more good ones coming from Micromax

So, friends who got a note of Micromax, it is a very good Android device and you have done a lot of good games and weight and friends if you play games in it, then in the case of gaming, the games are available which are PUBG. As of now, most of the content goes on on the phone and I have done you a very good and very good job, it is worth a compliment, and it will also get you very good graphics in the Micromax inverters and the game of the Micromax phone is considered very good. If you go to Micromax, you will get it

And friends, all of you will also know that Micromax did not make a very good device and it cannot be trusted right now because some people are saying this. After all, it can be a Chinese phone but it is a Made in India phone. Can send it to any Chinese part and it is a good thing but Micromax used to work earlier, so trust cannot be won from that problem and many people are still thinking whether to take it or not because In this, you will think later you will not get any update, there is no such thing to take such a tension. They have said that we will provide you 2 years of updates on this phone and all the upcoming updates will also be given to you.
And the new ones will come, whatever Android 11 or 12 will come, you will also get to see in it.
And on hearing this, many people are expressing confidence in this and taking it because it is an Indian phone for 1 month because it was easily trusted, but still, some people are not doing that and I say that cake is from the Indian phone Can’t say anything like this because the battery of India is also used in Chinese Chinese phone. If you have ever been to China or look in a Chinese video, they also use Indian batteries in India
But this note did not see anything special in the mind and some people are saying that it will be spoiled soon but there is nothing like this you can take it easy, my friend from my own Ashwin, my friend has ever taken this phone that much I saw good in people too and the photo I took of it was very good and the battery was showing by taking the photo and it is quite a good thing because a Made in India phone which is 48 years old is considered very good and good about it -You can also see good comments by going to people’s YouTube

You friends who have not even taken the Micromax I Note phone, please go

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