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A recent Epic Games blog post revealed that the Fortnite Chapter 2 ending event, titled The End, will take place on December 4, 2021, at 4:00 PM ET. On Wednesday, Epic made the official announcement of the End event, and if we look through the past endings like Chapter 1 things are about to shift when the Queen of Cubes gets rid of the wrath on Battle Royale Island. As Epic announced today on the Fortnite website, an in-game event called The End will take place on December 4 at 4:00 pm ET, which will conclude Fortnite Chapter 2 and presumably lead us to Fortnite Chapter 3 and Epic claims to be a one-time event that will almost never repeat itself, like many of the previous Fortnite events over the years.

Chapter 2 of Fortnite swept the multiverse and brought characters from Marvel, DC, Naruto, and more to more seasonal events. Fortnite’s next major event will be the Chapter 2 Season Finale. The event itself is called “The End” and should set the stage for the next chapter of the game.

The Finish event will have a team of up to 16 players. Epic recommends arriving at least 30 minutes in advance to secure seats. Make sure you log in as early as possible-the End playlist will be available in Fortnite just half an hour before.

Content creators and players who wish to revisit the last moments of Chapter 2 of Fortnite should take steps to record and archive their experiences, as replays will not be available. With only 9 days left at the end of Chapter 2, we remind everyone to complete the Battle Pass and unlock any additional decorative items, as they will not be available next season.

Other things you can do before the end of Season 8 and Chapter 2 on December 4th include completing any Cube Queen missions you may have, collecting all the colored bottles for your Toona Fish if you haven’t already. And the exchange of the remaining Star Battles for rewards. To complete them quickly, there will be some limited events that will boost your progress. Since the final event will take place one day before planned, Epic will be giving players around 225,000 XP, if they log in before the End event. Like the previous chapter 1 ending event, we can expect the end of this chapter and Fortnite to start over with a fresh new feel.

After the leak of the Chapter 2 finale of Fortnite last week, Epic Games officially announced that the event will actually be called The End and will end the season series at the end of the season. The Chapter-ending was supposed to happen on December 5th but Epic is doing it a day early. Fortnite chapter 3 will begin shortly thereafter. In the finale, Epic Games announced that players will stand up and face the final boss of this chapter: Queen of Rubik’s Cube. Fortnite in particular is coming to an end – this is the title of the last Chapter 2 event you can take part in, but like some past events, this is a unique show, so you want to be there when things fall apart.

Fortnite’s next big in-game event will not only mark the end of last season but will also conclude Chapter 2. As announced on the Epic Games Blog, “Fortnite” will wrap up with a special event on December 4th at 4:00 pm ET with special joint event.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Ending

Credit @ Epic Games

In 2019, Fortnite ended Season 10 and concluded its first Chapter with an event that caused the world to fall into a black hole and shut down the game for two days. After weeks of rumors that indicated that a new Fortnite page was about to be written and Chapter 2 nearing completion, Epic Games has just released the official news.

Fortnite Chapter 2 was a very one ride especially Season 8 which brought in some of the most exciting movements in the gaming world but we hope Epic can top this with Chapter 3. This will allow players to team up to battle the Queen of Cubes as she prepares for her final assault on the island after much preparation. Developer Epic describes this as “the final battle of the island’s destiny,” suggesting that players will soon be playing on an all-new map.

The map has undergone some pretty dramatic changes as we move from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2, so we’re expecting an equally big event leading up to Chapter 3. Given that the final event of Chapter 2 Season 8 will take place on December 4th, it is likely that there will be several days of inactivity between the chapters, which could be another scenario where they make the game inactive for a few days and then come back with a bang.



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