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Epic Games has removed Travis Scott’s ‘Out West’ emote from Fortnite store – Andro Gaming Club

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Epic Games has removed the Travis Scott’s Out West emote from the Fortnite store along with some other items in the Fortnite store’s daily section. The Out West emote, which included music snippets from the Travis Scott song and the Jackboys Out West, has been removed from the Fortnite store’s daily section.

At the time of writing, those with emoticons can still use them in the game, they are simply removed from the item store, not the entire game (for now). Although Epic Games has removed this emoji from the item store, the famous Fortnite leader Shiina claims that players who still have the emoji may still be able to use all of Travis Scott’s astronomical makeup to save it.

Travis Scott became a popular name in Epic Games’ Battle Royale after his Astronomical 2020 in-game gig, which kicked off the ICON series of items, according to The Guardian. Scott was the star of the first large live event of Fortnite in April 2020, where the rap star was digitally recreated into an imposing avatar that danced around the Fortnite Battle Royale map and took players into space. According to Epic, the game event was attended by 12.3 million people. Travis Scott’s Out West emotion has been removed from the daily Fortnite merchandise section following a tragedy at an AstroWorld concert on Friday that killed eight people and injured many in Houston, Texas.

The emote was removed from the Fortnite Store in link with the end of the Astroworld but sadly, the rest of the event has been canceled after a disaster that took 8 lives. Many fans said it was a good decision and believed that the decision to remove the emotion saved Epic from many of the unfortunate events.

Travis Scott's Out West

Credit @ Epic Games

If emotion was the only goal, Epic Games will have to provide an answer regarding the same. While it is likely that Epic Games removes this emotion only due to its current delicate nature, it is also possible that the elements will be removed completely as Travis Scott’s legal process continues to evolve. Fortnite has yet to respond to other rapper content, including skins, and other emotes.

Fortnite has confirmed on their status Twitter account that the daily sections will be reactivated with the next item store update. This is intentional and the “Daily” section will return in the next update to the item store. Fortnite’s Twitter account put out a service update indicating that the daily section will be disabled temporarily without providing further details. The official Twitter account of Fortnite later confirmed the removal of the daily sections without mentioning Scott or his emote.

Epic removed the entire daily zone, stating that it would be restored in the next store update. Epic usually plans training days every day ahead of time and may have planned to remove the Out West emote in time for the end of Astroworld this year, and some may have coincided with events that happened over the weekend. While there was no explanation in the update, it became apparent that this was Epic reaction to the crowd tragedy at AstroWorld which left eight people dead and many more injured.


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