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Friends, today we are going to tell you all how to transfer the data of Battleground Mobile India, how can you all bring your global account to Battleground Mobile India, so friends today’s topic is this, so all of you in our post till the end. Stay tuned, you will get to see complete information in this post, so friends, ever since PUBG was banned, it was a question of many respect that how will the PUBG India come, we will be able to open global data inside it or not that friends. Today I will also explain to you related to such a thing, how all of you can bring your global data to your Battleground Mobile India, so friends move on in the article.

About Battleground Mobile India

So friends, first let me tell you a little bit about Battleground Mobile India, so friends, this game has been specially made for us ie Indian people because Global was banned in India. After all, it is running through Tencent corporation. That’s why pubg was worn, but now in KRAFTON, Tension Corporation has removed the link from this game at all, only and only KRAFTON Corporation has its hand inside it, so this game is under and new game launch Whose name is Battleground Mobile India, you all want to put your data inside it, so let’s start today’s post, so before proceeding in the post, I would like to make a small request to you if you are visiting our site for the first time. If you have come, you can do everything here by entering your mail, so that if we post a new post, you get notifications.

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How to transfer data of PUBG Global Version in BattleGround Mobile India

Can we transfer PUBG global account to the Indian version? friends, first of all, you have to go to your global version and link your account as if you are logged in with Google Play, then you will go to that place and go to the basic setting in the class icon setting and you will get the plus icon by going there. If you click on then you will see the option of Facebook and Twitter, from there you can log in by clicking on Facebook or Twitter so that all your accounts will be connected through Facebook and Twitter because it is important why in Battleground Mobile India you have to use Google Play. Will not give the option so that you will not be able to transfer data, from there it is important that you first connect your global account to Twitter or Facebook, those who are connected, you do not need to take any tension, if those who are not connected, then friends now you What to do now you have to open Battleground Mobile India and you have to login through the same account you have to login through Twitter or Facebook account, after that what you have to do is a button will appear on your screen that you would like to transfer your data Global from the version You have to do it there, then it will tell you to login with your account which was in your global version, then you have to click there and login by entering your Facebook or Twitter email id password, then you will get a rule card and You will get your data transferred and you will get to see many achievements which is absolutely free, in the joy of launching Battleground Mobile India, they have given it to all of you for free, so friends, if you do not understand anything, then I have given a little Screenshot has been provided to you below, you can also see from there, in this way your data will come to PUBG Mobile India from global version of all of you, then you must have understood, if you have any problem then you can comment here and ask us. If you have any problem, you can also ask us by email or by visiting our YouTube channel, I hope friends, all of you would have liked the information given by us, then if you like you must visit our YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel so that all of you can see more knowledge through the video Will get through our channel and our website


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battleground mobile india download link

Hello Friends, if you all also want to download Battleground Mobile India on your android phone, then all of you first have to click on the download button given below, then you have to download an application named tap tap, after downloading that application You have to install, after installing, you have to turn on the app, then you have to click on the search button, after clicking on the search button, you have to search Battleground Mobile India, then you can also download from there New Battleground Mobile Latest Version And if you already have an old version of Battleground Mobile, then you can update that too, then friends go download it quickly.

battleground mobile india download link

Android Tap Tap Download Link>

iPhone Download Link coming soon>

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